Right Sort of Doctor

On Slieve Gullion’s sunny slopes, Deirdre is said to have grown from infancy to girlhood with a voice so sweet that when she sang, the thrushes were silent with envy. 
There too Fingan the great physician to King Conor MacNessa, had his house with door open on each side to the four winds of Heaven.  He was the right sort of a doctor too for he could tell from the smoke that arose from a house, how many were ill in it and what maladies they suffered from.
Tradition says that it was in a glen in the valley below it that Conor MacNessa, the only ruler in Ireland to believe in Christ before the coming of Patrick, died of holy anger on that first Good Friday.
Most people however, know the mountain for the Calliagh Berra whose home is atop and who it is said, still roams there at night.  It would be a brave man indeed who would confront her in her house by the lake at the midnight hour!

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