Finn and Calliagh Berra

‘It’s very gentle country all aroun’ here but I’ve been to the other side of Slieve Gullion where they had giants and witches as well. 

Did ye iver hear of Finn McCool?  Well, there’s some say it wus he and not the Calliagh Berra who threw the White Stone of Dorsey.  But sure mebbe both had a han’  in it, for they were both upon the earth togither.  An if he wus fleet o’ foot an’ strong of limbs, she wus strong in spells. 

Do ye know her house on the mountain an’ the lake beside it?  Sure it was into that very lake she coaxed fool Finn.  An’ in he went fresh an’ youthful an’ out he come a done oul’ man.  An’ they had a high time making him right again.

Often I started up the mountain to see the lake but I cud nivir head the whole road, I wus so afeard, for ye know a wedding party went into her house once, an’ they turned till stone.  Her house goes down and down an’ in the bottom chamber sits the Calliagh Berra herself till this very day.  Ay an’ will, till the end of time. 

But where Finn is I know not, or if I do, I disremember’. 

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