William Street 1913

Streets of Yesteryear

1913 Hide Terrace 

1 Patrick McCoy

1a Kathleen Grant

3 Cora Wikjubsib

5 Annie Gleeson

7 Mary McKenna

9 Mary Costello

11 Christina Murphy

13 Hugh Hollywood

15 James McGrath

17 William Ellison

19 Peter J McEvoy

21 Gerard Cronin

O’Hare & Co, Builders

8 Michael J Brady

10 John Cahill

12  John Blackadder

14 John Smith

16 Bridget Kelly

18 Stephen Grimshaw

20 James O’Boyle

22 William Lally

William Street

7 Catherine Murphy

9 Elizabeth Lavery

11 James Gill

13 Maud Forsythe


2 Margaret Quinn, Grocer

4 Arthur Meehan

6 Thomas McKeown

8 James Gribben

10 Isabella Fox

12 Patrick Carr

14 Margaret McGuinness


16 Margaret Price

18 G McArdle, Grocer

22 Patrick Murphy

24 Charles McCourt, Confectioner

26 Patrick O’Gorman

Kilmorey Street


28 William Havern, Pub [Dublin House]

30 Charlie McGrath

32 Hutchinson, Cycles

34 Christopher McKevitt, Railway Caf

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  1. The William Street record is of interest to me, nos 6 and 10. My grandfather was Thomas McKeown and I was born in 6. But I think my grandfather Thomas would only have been 19 in 1913, so the Thomas referred to here would probably not have been him. Strangely also my dad lived in no 10 with his dad Thomas Francis Harding and mother formerly Agnes Jane Fox. No idea where Isabella came in although have been researching her without result.It seems many, if not most houses remained within families back then, even if rented.

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