Death of Redmond O’Hanlon

It was not unusual for gentlemen of means, compelled to travel through that countryside, to seek a military escort.  

So once did one such, in the garb of a country squire.  He claimed to be carrying a large sum of money and to be fearful of meeting that great villain, Redmond O’Hanlon.  The request was granted, but the squire was Redmond himself and at a certain point on the journey, the group was set upon by his followers.  The military were parted from their money, arms and most of their clothes and sent back to Armagh in an almost naked condition.

Cormack O’Murphy, one of his gang, went into business on his own.  He once robbed three men who were under Redmond’s protection.  He was quickly forced to make restitution.  Later he robbed David Mulligan of Legacorry [Richhill] and again had to restore the stolen goods.  O’Hanlon finally and terminally dispatched his former friend.

When in September 1679 O’Hanlon murdered Henry St John of Tandragee Estate, the authorities to end his career and life.  It took two years and his betrayal by a kinsman, Arthur O’Hanlon.  At Hilltown, he fired a blunderbuss into his chest as he slept.  His friends cut off the head from his dead body to prevent the authorities from displaying it.  The head was discovered some days later however and soon adorned a spike outside Downpatrick Prison.  The body was interred at Relicarn in Ballymore Parish.  The traitor received

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