O’Hanlons banished

Sir Oghie O’Hanlon, the last of the line to hold the title The O’Hanlon, and the last to live in the ancient O’Hanlon Castle at Tanderagee (the Tayto Castle today) ….


…  was a defeated and disheartened man when his son and heir, Oghie Oge, with fifty of his followers were banished to Sweden in October 1608 (of which, more later). In December 1610 Sir Toby Caulfield’s accounts show a payment to the children of Oghie Oge O’Hanlon, their father being still in Sweden.

In 1608 the Deputy Sir Arthur Chichester informed the government that he had compounded with Sir Oghie for his estates in Orior by an annuity of

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