Bishop Carroll and Irish Labour

On this date in 1961 the Newry Reporter carried a story of a presentation to newly-created Bishop Carroll who was, the next month, to be consecrated Bishop of Monrovia (Africa) in Newry Cathedral by Bishop Eugene O’Doherty of Dromore. 

Our picture of our previous story shows eminent townspeople celebrating with the newly-ordained prelate in that month.  I promised a list of names. It is not complete but I’m confident it soon will be when YOU get working on it. Here it is…

Top L/R Frank McGreevy, ?, Jeff Byrnes, Eddy Grey, Owney McKevitt, Gerry Mulholland, Pat Grey, Gerry Sloan.

Middle L/R ?,  ?, Eddie Watters, ?, ?, Gerry Mulholland, Micky Linney, Kelly, Ambrose McParland, ?, ?.

Bottom L/R ?, Tommy McGrath, Arthur Heaney, McCann, Bishop Carroll, ?, Charlie Poucher, ?, ?.

A Castle Street man (as indeed is his nephew The Watcher – who provided the photo) Francis Carroll was ordained earlier in The Cathedral by the previous occupant of the See of Dromore, Bishop Edward Mulhern.

‘While Bishop Carroll’s efforts will be confined to the missionary field far from home,’ continued The Reporter, ‘ he is held in the very highest esteem and affection in his native town.

Bishop Carroll’s mother (the paper noted) died recently, not long after the passing of his highly-respected father, the late Patrick Carroll.’

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