Recently deceased

The following is a list of the recently deceased in/of our parish:

Patsy Doran

Annie Ormsby Toragh Park

John Ward Shandon Park

Jim McDonald Unit B North Street

Bill McCaul Orior Road

Philomena McGuinness John Martin Gardens

Jarlath Gibbons Dublin, formerly Newry

Terry McLoughlin Canada, formerly Courtenay Hill

Maureen Crilly Belfast


And recent baptisms:


Ava Lauren Rafferty Lower Ballyholland Road

Jessica Slevin O’Neill Avenue

Meabh Jane Scullion Knockdarragh

Ava Marie Quigly Millview Court

Cadhla Siobhan Pentony John Martin Gardens

Sean Martin Preece Rockview Heights

Cian John McCourt Lisgullion Park


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