Backward, not Forward

‘I began driving backwards two years ago’, the taxi driver explained, ‘when I found I could only engage reverse gear.  I soon realised I could drive just as well backwards as forwards.  I had my gear box altered so that the forward gears work in reverse.

Now I’ve developed a whole reverse philosophy of life!  You know you can improve a situation by going backwards.  It was at this point that I was contacted by politicians all over the world.  Tony Bliar is interested and of course, all the unionist politicians from Northern Ireland.  I am waiting for offers.’

Harpo Devi has a mission to promote peace between his own people of India and those of traditional enemy Pakistan, but he wants to contribute to global harmony.  He has reversed his taxi several hundred miles from his native Punjab across the Pakistani border.  He went on,

‘I can drive at speeds of up to 100 kph.  True, it’s dangerous and my passengers are sometimes nervous but I am confident.  I have had only one serious accident.  I have a severe backbone problem with always looking behind, and pains in my neck but I’m not giving up’.

Such dedication to a cause.  That’s what we’ve been missing!

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