The Lonesome West

If you haven’t yet purchased a season ticket for Lislea Drama Festival tickets will be available on opening night which is this Saturday, when, as we have reviewed, Ardagh Players present “Thy Will Be Done”.   Meanwhile to continue with our advanced previews …

The Castle Players of Dundalk give us The Lonesome West by Martin McDonagh on Wednesday 3rd March.

The Lonesome West is part of McDonagh’s award winning Leenane trilogy. It tells the story of two brothers, Coleman and Valene Connor, living in Leenane ‘the murder captial of the world’, a small town in Connemara with an increasingly sordid history.


This is black comedy at its finest and as the brothers squabble over the most seemingly insignificant of things, with at times hysterical results, beneath the surface there are more dark events unfolding.


Despite the best efforts of the local priest to bring the brothers to their senses, mayhem on a grand scale ensues!


The Connor brothers don’t have much between them, just a small house in which they have lived all their lives and the tiny inheritance left by their father. They get joy from simple pleasures: drinking, exchanging jokes with a pretty young lady, gently mocking their parish priest, swiping food at funerals, and fighting with each other. Especially fighting with each other – not least because Valene marks everything with the letter V as he ‘inherited’ everything from his father.


The chaos and conflict makes for an hysterical rollercoaster ride, though there are some tender poignant moments too.


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