The Brennans

The best traditional sessions are now in Rostrevor (weren’t they always?) and we had a great time last night in the Corner House in the company of Alfie and Mary Corr, Liam Farrell and Matthew and Claire McGrath. There were a few singers from the floor, as always. Quiet night.

Usually there are twice as many musicians and singers. If you are really lucky, some of the fabulous Brennans might pop in. Or a Kelly. A O’Dubhainn or two. Mr Fitzsimmons of Ashgrove Avenue in Newry on the ullian pipes. A harpist. In-house performers, Jim, Mary and James.  Bernard O’Hanlon from Mullaghbawn on the whistles. 

Then there’s another session in the same venue on Friday nights. And round the corner in St Bronagh’s GAA on the last Saturday of the month.

My favourite is of course, the Brennans (pictured). They have not recorded yet that I know of. I know not why.

I used my palm-sized digital dictaphone to record Rosemary sing her terrific ‘A String of Pearls’ in the summer (Fiddlers Green Festival) and have learned the words from it since then. I may have the courage some Tuesday night (that she’s not there!) to render it at Alfie’s session.

That should clear the place!

The Brennans played last Friday night at the Star of the Sea Church, to raise funds for the Organ Restoration. 

They were knock-out. 

As usual.

They perform Cara Dillon’s Garden Valley .. in my humble opinion, a little better than the original !

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