Derrybeg Drive of old

There were celebrities galore in The Meadow of old. Seamus McGuigan -who has returned to care for his mum in Derrybeg Drive – supplied (some of) the following information on residents of Derrybeg Drive, Iveagh Crescent and Killeavey Road of the long ago.  (Error information and complaints to Editor alone, please!)

Max Keogh, newspaper proprietor and later Nationalist M.P. lived for a time at 1 Derrybeg Drive. His eldest son Michael attended the Abbey with your editor. Next door (3) was the Lynas family.

Louis Grant (who later moved round the corner to Orior Road) was in number 5. There was a daughter who dressed strangely (Gothic, it would be called today). She was a friend of the Peters’ girls and Carmel Rodgers of Killeavey Road. I think like the latter she became a primary school teacher.  The Johnsons were in 7. Reillys had number 9. Then there was the Mooneys (Joan, Fr Oliver) who later moved to Clanrye Avenue.

The Maddens had number 13. Leo settled in Southern England where he entered politics and was – some time ago – Mayor of his adopted city.  His sister Margaret is now Sands and lives on Monks Hill.

The McKeowns were at 15:  Morgans at 17: McAleaveys (I buy anything!) at 19.  The Hanrattys (we had friends P.J. , Seamus etc) were at 21 and Micky Mallon was at 23. Next door and across the loanan was Joe and Bridie Kavanagh. After that there were Rocks (Rhoda, Brian etc) and the McCrums (Terry, Liam etc) Coffeys (cousins of the Orior Road Coffeys), Rileys, McAlindens, Lindens, Kinneys, McElroys, McCabes. Further up there were Hands (Ignatius etc) and several other families like the Mathers, Millers and other names to be supplied later! 

Back to the beginning and the even numbers! The first house was Anthony McGuinness and we (McGuigans) number four. Keeleys were next door, Peter and Frances, with children Tommy, Jim etc. – now resident in Clanrye Avenue. Then the Mathers, still held by Barry. Jackie O’Hare, who moved to 3 Iveagh Crescent was in number ten. Patsy Fee was in twelve.  He was a carpenter by trade, arguably the best that Newry ever produced (in the (admittedly) biased opinion of his son-in-law!).  His daughter Mary married John McCaul who is one of our enthusiastic readers! 

The Chambers (Gerard was of an age with us!) were next door. Then at 16 were the McAnultys. The large family of McEvoys were at 20.  The McKays had 22 and the McCoys were at 24.  John Fearon lived across the loanan. There was a school-teacher Campbell across the road from the Rocks! Other families between there and the junction with Iveagh Crescent included the Byrnes, Hands, McKeowns, Tommy Reilly, Peter McCann (of the Nursery). We will complete this list as we receive corrections on Guestbook!

P.S. Just realized we omitted the (Rames) McGuigans.  How could we? 

What number were they, Clare?



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