15th August: concluded

Back in Warrenpoint Daddy took us to Malocca’s for fish and chips, tea, bread and butter.

Tomasco Malocco gave Mammy a small white tablet for baby brother and the hiccups ceased.

Baby fell asleep in Daddy’s arms as we walked up Newry Street to get the last train home to Newry. The porter was Daddy’s cousin and he put us in a first-class carriage!

When it arrived in Newry the train stopped a while at Dublin Bridge station while some passengers disembarked. None got on. Then we went to Edward Street Station via Fisher’s timber yard, King’s Street and Monaghan Street. We could see people at all these streets looking up enviously at us!

As we disembarked we were ushered to the road gate by station porters Brian Hayes and a young Gerry Fegan.

We arrived home and Mammy made us wash our faces, hands and necks. We were too tired to say our night prayers.

Within five minutes older brother and the other brother were sound asleep. Baby started to hiccup, and I was just nodding off.

And we all lived happily ever after.

… end …

…. start of 15th August tale ? …

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