1975 Kilmorey St People (2)

12     Esther McCamley
         Patrick McCamley
14     Mary Mulholland
16     Walter Murphy
         Margaret Murphy
18    Catherine Murtagh
         Patrick Murtagh
         Margretta Murtagh
22     Joseph Ward
         Pauline Mathers
24     John Murtagh
         Mary Murtagh
48     Ciaran McAteer
         Enda McAteer
         Matthew McAteer
         Mary McAteer
         Emma O’Hanlon
         Catherine O’Hanlon
50     Owen Cunningham
         Alice Hogan
         John Hogan
52     Thomas McKeown
         Margaret McKeown
54     Teresa Fitzpatrick
56     Agnes McCourt
58     Austin Hollywood
         Eileen Hollywood
         John Hollywood
60     Mary Boyle
         Edward Boyle
         Christina Boyle
         Margaret Boyle
62     Francis Campbell
         Mary Campbell
64     Geraldine Campbell
         John Campbell
         Sarah Campbell
68     Mary Lynch
70     Ann Kerrins
         Phyllis Kerrins
74     Gerard Collins
         James Collins
         John Collins (Jnr)
         Pauline Collins
         Carmel Collins
13     Winifred Rocks
         Thomas Rocks
15     Thomas Byrne
17     Catherine Bryson
         Robert Bryson
         Vera Bryson
19     Mary McParland
         Peter McParland
25     Clare Manning
         Patrick manning
27     James Murphy
         Pauline Murphy
29     Mary Marron
31     Michael Hollywood
         Celine Hollywood
33     Josephine Murray
         Thomas Murray
35     Elizabeth Wasson
39     Thomas Price
41     Mary McShane
         Patrick Russell
         Rosena Russell
43     Patricia Donohoe
         Anna Donohoe
         Ann Donohoe
53     Francis Sweeney
57     Thomas Fearon
         Bridget Fearon
63     Annie Magennis
         Margaret McGivern
65     Joseph Donnelly
         Mary Donnelly
71     Mary Byrne
8       Vincent Gorman
         Pauline Gorman
10     Francis McClelland
         Bridget McClelland

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