Barracks Blocks 58-65

As you can determine from the photo, Linenhall Square was arranged in blocks. The furthermost or Top Block began at 58 with the Carrolls. There was John (Buxy) who was a paper-seller: Barney, Jimmy, Kathleen, Lily, Phyl and Bridie.

James Ruddy lived with his wife and family at 59: Jimmy (who works in Daisy Hill Hospital) Patricia and Gerry.

The Crawleys at 60 had children Jackie (lived and died in England) Mickey, Patsy, Annie and Mary.

At 61 there were Charlie, Francie and Connie Long.

At 62 were the Rowes: Josie, Pauline and Maurice who is married to Marie (D’Arcy) who listed Monaghan Street for the Newry Journal.

 At 63 were the Magees: children of this house were Ronnie, Colum, Noel, Bridie, Dorothy and Joyce (Belfast).

 At 64 were the McAteers: children were Kathleen, Rosie, Maria, Alice (Dromalane) and two boys.

At 65 were the Ryans, Michael and Mary: their children were Paddy, John, Mary, Rosie and Kathleen.

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