Close Shave : 2

This darkness was rather fun for all the courting couples, but it was a little eerie whilst journeying through the deserted streets as you made your way home, not to mention dangerous in those troubled times.

After exiting the Lindsay Hill entrance I made my way along North Street as far as the Bridge Bar where I then crossed at the end of Water Street at its junction with Kildare Street.   All the streets were very dark and weird looking, with a distinct lack of traffic both of the pedestrian and vehicular variety.  It was almost like looking down a very long dark tunnel.

The appearance of the streets were so very different as to what they were like earlier on that same day; what with the Scarva parade returning home and the place swamped with people!  There was also a large contingent of Police and Military personnel present earlier on that day.   When I was out and about that day I captured some of the ongoing activity with my trusty Polaroid camera.

The picture above  shows Water Street with soldiers from The Duke of Wellington‘s Regiment standing beside, or sitting inside their one-ton Humber armoured personnel Carrier (known by the military as the Pig) parked in Water Street.

… close shave 3 …

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