Meadow: my work

The floors in The Meadow were of a bitumen type that you weren’t allowed to cover. It was supposed to be polished. But, says Geordie, the floors were soft.

I was painting the doors when I set down an empty pot of turpentine. When I lifted it the floor underneath was all melted!

We were forbidden to do any decorating for the first twelve months!

The Housing Trust employees had unfettered access to your house at any time. They were under instruction to conserve their property against the excesses of the tenants! The ‘rentlady’ was regimental. I asked her if I could tile the kitchen. She ordered that she wanted to see it as soon as it was finished.

I took her in afterwards and showed her the finished job.

‘Oh yes!’ she exclaimed happily.

‘You could have tiled the whole house!’

You had to keep everything right, inside and out. The front garden, where it met the public pathway, was bounded by a low wall less than a foot high. I knew a man called McCullough who was a maintenance joiner in Fishers and I got him to make me a small decorative fence like a sunray! I was made to take it down! You were only allowed to erect temporary fencing.


 Geordie McCrum today

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