Tommy Morrow recorded his memories of the Poyntzpass area in the 1930s and 1940s.

‘There were 82 businesses then.

There were six taxi owners: Felix Daly; Willie Bicker; Hugh Rafferty; Sam Hudson; Johnny Little; Davey Alexander.

There were two blacksmith shops: two banks; six restaurants; eight general stores; one doctors; one dentists; one post office; a court house with monthly petty sessions; four bootmakers; cobblers’ shops; four drapers’ shops – Morrows, Clarkes, Watts and Mrs Loughlin’s; five tailors; two joinery workshops; three coal yards/merchants; ten small shops; three undertakers; two bicycle shops; two hen and egg merchants; one corn mill; two barber shops; one concrete block maker; one fruit and vegetable shop; three milk businesses and two hotels.

Today there are far more houses, more people and less businesses. Why is that?

Lack of support for local businesses is the main reason. People want out of the big town and choose this ‘one-horse town’. But then they jump in their cars and shop in the city. My wife and I, when we moved back here, decided we were going to support the local stores. And we did. The 5p or 10p saved in the supermarket doesn’t cover the cost of the wear and tear on your vehicle – or your nerves!’


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