School Activities

There was a camogie team in the school but the only association I had with a caman was when one of my friends, trying to knock down some apples, threw it too far into the air and it ended up flying through the window of the headmistress’s study.

We also had a very good school choir and we used to compete, often successfully, against other schools. 

Each year the school produced a Nativity Play. It was a great occasion to which all the parents, the Sisters from the convent and the local clergy were all invited.

School Concerts were also popular events. Pupils would sing, give recitations, perform one-act plays etc. A one of these concerts a classmate gave a rendition of a popular Josef Locke song of that time, ‘Goodbye to the White Horse Inn’. Claire, my friend was on the carpet as the nuns were outraged. Both her parents were teachers but they received a letter about the unsuitability of their daughter’s musical choice.

How might the nuns react to today’s music and artistes? 

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