John Torley

Jack the Hunt was the more common name for the acclaimed John Torley whose encounter with the Newry Board of Guardians can now be revealed under the 100 year rule!
Outdoor relief had now become the norm and Torley made personal application.  Indeed in anticipation of some revelry – for his reputation had preceded him – he was given permission to plead his case before the monthly meeting.
He wanted, he said, some compensation in order to get a pair of ‘relievers’ (laughter) to comfort him in the pursuit of his avocations among the ancient aristocracy in his representative capacity, which as they all knew, was associated with the Newry Harriers (Hunt!)  (more laughter). 
He hoped with greatest sublimity (laughter) that the honourable members of the Board in their sagacity (laughter) coupled with their renowned benevolence (laughter) would do him that one favour and thereby maintain the reputation of that co-habitable institution (loud laughter).
Chairman: What is it you want?
Jack the Hunt:  Something to help aid and assist, comfort and otherwise sustain my feet in this amphibious weather! (laughter)
Chairman: A pair of boots?
Torley: Please.
Mr P O’Hare: Long or short ones?
Mr Toman: A pair of hunting ones?
Torley: Bravo, Mr Toman!  (laughter)
The Chairman said that he was afraid that he could not legally entertain the application.  Mr Murtagh proposed that they ”send round the hat’among those present.  Mr Cardwell did just that and raised the sum of 17 shillings and 6 pence.  This was handed over to the Clerk with the request that he should purchase the required articles for the applicant.

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