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15th August: Boat Trip


We were walked along the promenade: there were hundreds of people walking up and down; some sitting on the wall, watching and listening to the pipe-and-accordion bands. 

Daddy bought us some ice-cream from Uncle Stevie, the ice-cream man. We all got large pokes and Mammy and Daddy got sliders. 

We were all so excited when Daddy told us he was taking us on the Red Star boats to Omeath and then on to Calvary. My Mammy was nervous and said it was too dangerous for the whole family to sail on the one boat: so my older brother and I sailed on George Dinsmore’s ‘Saint Patrick’ ; Mammy and baby brother sailed on O’Neill’s ‘Fair Play’; and Daddy and the other brother on McGuigan’s ‘Little Flower’. 

I thought that we were in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.

Older brother thought that we were on the ‘Queen Mary’.

… more later …


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