John McCullagh October 29, 2004

A number of stipulations accompany the cure.  The curer often must not ask for or acknowledge the receipt of a gift as payment for the service.  They may accept the gift only if it is not acknowledged.   It is to protect against fake healers who are in it for profit.  Usually the healed person too […]

John McCullagh October 22, 2004

The tradition of visiting Holy Wells (or Sundays Wells) in search of cures or relief from distress was strong in Ireland until recent decades.  In this area were St Bridget’s well at Faughart and St Mochua’s Well near Keady as well as an acclaimed Sundays Well in the Glen area of Newry.  The latter has […]

John McCullagh July 8, 2004

On Slieve Gullion’s sunny slopes, Deirdre is said to have grown from infancy to girlhood with a voice so sweet that when she sang, the thrushes were silent with envy.    There too Fingan the great physician to King Conor MacNessa, had his house with door open on each side to the four winds of […]

John McCullagh June 25, 2004

You know of course, for only a gulpen doesn’t, that docken leaves can cure the nettle sting.  You must recite the couplet, while you’re rubbing the afflicted spot,   ‘Docken, docken, in and out, Take the sting of the nettle out!’   Ringworm is a little more complicated.  It takes two boys, whose father and […]

John McCullagh June 24, 2004

I promised you more cures.  The first I remember being applied to myself as a young boy!   Chest Infection and Colds:  Apply camphor oil to brown paper resting on the chest beneath one’s clothes.   Chin-Cough:  ‘To cure this it is necessary to find a man and his wife who had the same name […]