Bad Luck Signs

Did you know?
If a pregnant woman should spy a hare, she was to make a hole in her vest (everyone wore a vest then!).  This was to ensure that the child she was carrying wouldn’t be born with a hare-lip.
On New Year’s Day, nothing – not even the dust sweepings, not the contents of the chamber pot, not the ashes from the fire – would be thrown out of the house.
You daren’t meet a red-haired woman or man on that day.  Rita Flynn of Forkhill tells me of a time in her youth that a red-haired man called to their home at that time of year.  She remembers that he was a military deserter, on-the-run.  That was no bother.  The colour of his hair was.
A few days later an oul’ cow died.  Of course he was to blame!
NOT TO turn a garment if accidentally put on back to front
              to whistle on a boat,
              a woman shouldn’t whistle or a hen crow
              put red and white flowers together in a vase
              fill in a spring well
              put a sock and shoe on until the other foot’s socked
             strike a cow with an elder stick
             strike a person with a ragweed
             turn back having started a journey
             meet, or sit down in a group of thirteen
             share washing water
             set an even number of eggs under a clocking hen
             ‘flit’ on a Saturday
             allow the fire to burn on one side only
                   To break a mirror brings seven years’ bad luck
                   It is unlucky for a picture to fall off a wall
                   for your right hand to itch (left hand, money is on its way!)
                   to turn up the number thirteen
                   for a break to come in a funeral cortege
                   for an infant NOT to cry at a Christening.

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