John McCullagh February 18, 2006

The Almighty: Church occasions require the use of the term, God, or The Good Lord. Sometimes referred to as, The Man Above, but then in a secular rather than a sacred sense. e.g.

John McCullagh January 29, 2006

              DO ACTIONS while jumping in the rope I am a little Irish girl dressed in blue Here are the things I like to do: Salute to the captain, bow to the queen Turn my back on the submarine. I can do the tap dance, I can do the splits I can do the hokey […]

John McCullagh January 15, 2006

Art Bennett was an important part of the Ulster cultural revival of the late eighteenth-early nineteenth century.  By sheer chance, my friend Tom McKeown found the photocopied note reproduced below, among his papers, with nothing attached to indicate its origin or meaning.  That does not stop us from speculating!

John McCullagh August 27, 2005

While deliberating whether Patrick Kavanagh would be acceptable as a ‘local’ poet to our readership, the great irony struck me: that Kavanagh himself, from the black hills and sour fields of Monaghan, struggled to demonstrate the universality of man in his verse and indeed celebrated his people, their time and their landscape to encapsulate the […]

John McCullagh August 3, 2005

There was a programme on Radio Ulster recently about the Bessbrook Mill.  It reminded me of a story told to me by Billie McCaigue who was, at the time, a Unionist Councillor for Newry Town.  During the Second World War some Divisions of the American Army were stationed in Bessbrook prior to their departure to France. […]