Photo Albums

John McCullagh July 23, 2005

When we say "in full" we mean, as far as we know!  But YOU know better!! Please mentally knit the two photos together:  we couldn’t show it as a continuous snap without reducing the size too much!!

John McCullagh July 14, 2005

This is the right-hand side of the earlier photo.  The Abbey primary pupils are (L-R, from back) :  Sean McKevitt; Kevin Crilly; Francis Mallon; Martin McAlinden; Martin Mooney: Brendan McAnulty (O’Neill Ave) Paddy Duffy; Declan McChesney; David McSherry; Charlie McSherry; Kevin O’Brien; John Murphy; Anthony Russell Martin Moore; Sean O’Rourke; Martin Rocks; Desie Turley; Gerry […]

John McCullagh July 12, 2005

They are (L-R and Back to Front): Pat O’Hanlon: Liam McCrum: Raymond McParland: Tony Hanna: Sean McKevitt:  Brother McQuillan:  Kevin Toner:  Adrian O’Hare:  ? Quigley: Martin Blair: Liam Goss: John McAllister: John McClelland: Pat McLoughlin: Martin White:  Sean McBlane Martin Spiddle

John McCullagh June 10, 2005

These photos of the recent past are of many places, housing estates etc. around Newry.  Enjoy, and try to identify each place.  Answers in the Discussion Board please and we will put labels on all the photos later.