Warrenpoint Ferry Boat

For very good reasons, your editor associates the shore and the public baths of Warrenpoint with his childhood friend Vincent McAllister, with whom he often ‘hitched’ a lift there in the bygone days of yore!


I was surprised then, as I was about to upload this latest photo from the Janine Masters’ collection, to find that Vincie was on-line, on this site, at the very same time! (see his latest ‘nicknames’ entry on Discussions!)

Remember, Vince, too the steam-train rides into Warrenpoint station? The shock to the bare skin when first we dived into the freezing-cold salt water of the ‘Public Baths’? Daring each other to dive off the highest diving boards? My chattering teeth – a phenomenon that lasted for hours – until we returned to Newry, in fact? Sandy Bottom when we couldn’t even afford the pennies to gain entry to The Baths?

Good to think of you, old friend! Anyway, this is the ferry boat to Omeath in the generation before us again! The young lad in the foreground with his fists of his hips is Mr Dodds, father of Gloria, Brendan, Brian and Mervyn! 

Mervyn is fortunate to still live in Warrenpoint. As, of course, is his brother Brendan, a paramedic in the seaside town.  Gloria is Mrs Hutchinson and lives on Belfast Road, Newry. Brian is an exile in England.

Hope this photo brings back good memories for many more than just me and my pal, Vincent!

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