Living History

John McCullagh February 6, 2011

It was Wednesday of Easter Week and the Rising in Dublin was in full progress. I walked down Innisfallen Parade to Dorset Street and on to Gardiner Row. I had to detour as Royal Irish Rifles soldiers were clearing the people from Dorset Street from north to south.

John McCullagh February 1, 2011

Preparations were being made for an uprising and the IRB, the Volunteers under Eoin Mac Neill and the Citizens Army were to be involved. On the Friday night before Easter John Southwell and I cycled to Dundalk to report progress.

John McCullagh January 29, 2011

Early in 1915 I went to work in Liverpool as trade was very poor in Newry. I returned to Ireland before conscription came into force.

John McCullagh January 28, 2011

Early in January 1914 I informed the Irish Club that I was going home to Ireland and they gave me a letter to deliver to John Devoy in New York (my point of embarkation).

John McCullagh January 26, 2011

After a month in Philadelphia in 1914, I joined the state’s National Guard. The Irish friends I had made at the Irish Club would not hear of joining, claiming that it was composed of the worst elements in the city. But I wanted military experience for the future. Also I wanted to acquire some ammunition.

John McCullagh January 14, 2011

Patrick Rankin was the only Newry person to take part in the 1916 Rising.  He cycled to Dublin to join the rebels in the GPO in Sackville Street.  32 years later he wrote his memoirs.

John McCullagh January 7, 2011

The involuntary emigration of tens of thousands of our fittest, best-educated, most qualified and most enterprising of our youth, has sadly resumed. Perhaps we ought to reflect on that of an earlier generation.