Living History

John McCullagh June 10, 2011

  The sentries were mostly over-age for war work. They carried shotguns. At night you could hear them call out each hour: ‘Number One. All is well!’

John McCullagh May 28, 2011

  It was, of course, at Frongach Internment Camp, Wales that Michael Collins made his preparations for the coming campaign, disciplining his men, plotting and planning the War of Independence that would inevitably follow. Rankin was to take his part. In his memoirs however, he does not detail this, closing with his final release and return to […]

John McCullagh May 25, 2011

We had a black market going inside prison, thanks to corrupt warders. Our men would give two shillings to a warder, and he would smuggle in one shilling’s worth of food etc. I didn’t get to share in this bonanza until our solitary confinement (i.e. that of we fourteen ‘pilgrims’)  was over …  

John McCullagh May 22, 2011

  While we were in solitary confinement, our breakfast, consisting of cocoa and one small piece of dark bread, was served at 7.30 am by our own volunteers.