Mill Street 1914

Tony McAllister writes asking for information on his forebears, one of whom, Terance Murphy lived at 8 Mill Street in 1914.  These were his neighbours.  Also Joy Gardner requests information on her forebears who hailed from Mill Street. Her great  grandfather Edward Sheridan – married to Maggie – repaired shoes on this street.

Her father Patrick enlisted in the British Army and in England married her mother. Later he returned to live in Newry. I know of the Sheridans of Cronin Park – and Sheridans (the recently-deceased Patsy, for example) of Church Street. The Sheridans Coaches are not related (though they are related to your editor!).

For Joy, here is a list of residents on that Street at the outbreak of the Great War. As you see, two P Sheridans are listed, at numbers 32 and 38 – and as one is deemed ‘senior’, it’s a fair bet that the other was his relation (if not his son). 

A few idiosyncratic notes:  Patrick Sheridan of 38 ran a sweet shop from that address.  The McClenllands of 34 included Josie and Mary Agnes.  And a Bridie (remember Bridie McClelland’s vegetable shop at the corner of William Street and Kilmorey Street?). 

I am told one Peter Mooney of 16 played the mouth organ well.  And one Daly, Accountant is descended from these people. 

Francis Troy was a big, swarthy man who commuted to Dublin to work.  He and his wife adopted a child Maureen.  Maureen Troy who remained unmarried all her life (she was friendly with your editor’s aunt Dolly) passed away at the Fullerton Road home some five years ago.

The W J Feeley of 24 was the father of Willy Feeley of Chapel Street – luminary of the local SDLP – who died some 18-20 years ago (no relation of Councillor Feeley who is a blow-in from Mayo).

Have you any anecdotes to record, please?


3 P Marron

5 M Barry

6 Mary McElherron

8 Terence Murphy

10 Mary Whitfield

12 Ann McElhargy

14 John McAteer

14 (sic) Frank Moore

15 P McLoughlin

16 John Mooney

17 Francis Troy

18 John McGuire

20 John McGinn

22 Ann Murphy

24 W J Feeley

25 M Lowe

26 G B Rowland

27 Patrick McAteer

28 J Costello

30 Thomas Keenan

31-35 Davison & Co

32 P Sheridan sen.

34 J McClelland

35a John McCartney

36 A Martin

37 Michael Burns

38 Patrick Sheridan

39 P McMahon

40 P McLoughlin

42 J Marron

43 S J Murray

45 Peter Devine

46 Patrick O’Hanlon

47 T Cunningham

48 J Rice

49 William Crilly

50 J Wallace

54 P McAteer

58 B Kelly

60 G Belton

62 Thomas Hughes

64 Rose Conroy

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