Sundays Wells

The tradition of visiting Holy Wells (or Sundays Wells) in search of cures or relief from distress was strong in Ireland until recent decades.  In this area were St Bridget’s well at Faughart and St Mochua’s Well near Keady as well as an acclaimed Sundays Well in the Glen area of Newry.  The latter has fallen so much into disuse that it is almost forgotten although it can be found marked on most old maps of Newry.  We would like to know its exact location, if any of our readers can inform us.
St Bridget’s Well at Faughart is still held in high repute and it is impossible to visit in daylight hours without meeting with some faithful pilgrims.  The bushes that protect the well are bedecked with pieces of cloth or rags, religious objects like rosaries, or other mementos, possessions of the one for whom the cure is sought.  St Bridget’s Day, 1 February is a day of special pilgrimage still and throngs attend to this day.

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