Dialect Phrases

She’s bad at fasting but the divil for prayers …

She’s not the sort till sell her hens on a rainy day

She’d shake hands with a hedgehog

She’s the sort that if axed to a wedding, would wait for the christening

A whistling maid and a crowing hen, would raise the devil out of his den

It’s a poor house where the hen outcrows the cock

A woman’s not like a book, ye can’t always shut her up when ye want

She’s goes from house to house looking her bit, like the Banbridge beggar

Her looks would sour milk

She won’t tare at the plucking

She’d bline ye wi’ her talking

For all her cheeping, she’s no chicken

She has a good many knicks in her horn

Could it be you need translation, again?!

It’s easier for her to say her beads that to suffer physical deprivation
She takes miserliness to extremes
She’s an effusive but insincere person
She’ll be late for her own funeral
Vexatious sounds, the latter referring to a boastful woman
The bean an ti should not wear the trousers in the house
Any comment I make will be mis-interpreted!
She’s given to imposing, for the sake of a meal
I know a few, who will remain nameless!
She’s past her ‘sell-by’ date!
Refers both to the volume and content of her gossip
‘Mutton dressed as lamb’ is an alternative expression
He’s not the first man she’s been with!

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