Burial of Harry Stotle

The second Dromintee man read that Book of Harry Stotle and it got a hault of him and he couldn’t get shot of it.  He did in the end, wi’ the help of a Father Duggan – a silenced priest.  Somehow they had more power.

He was told to go to a point where three counties meet and bury it there and no matter what happened he wasn’t to look behind him when burying it.  The first time he tried, a big black dog with fire in his eyes appeared out of nowhere and he spittin’ sparks and he made a lep for the ball of his leg.  Before the dog appeared he had the last spadeful ready to throw in on top of the book.  Then he looked around and the book was back in his pocket.  

The priest advised him to go back another time.  He did but this time, with the last spadeful there was a terrible roar behind him and he thought Slieve Gullion was falling in on top of him and he looked round.  By the time he turned back, wasn’t the Book out of its hole and back in his pocket?
Now, about the third time! 

Well, I forget what happened the third time. 

But it doesn’t matter anyway, for he got shot of it in the end. 

And as soon as he did, he cleared right out, body and bones o’ him, right out of this country altogether!

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