Harl o’ bones wi’ no gumption!

‘The very childer used till be afeared till daunder on the hill in the heel of the evenin’.  An’ no wonder.  Shure it wus said the wee people wud be dukeing in sheughs ready till grab them.  Many a mallyvogin I got meself because of them.  An’ sure the cattle themselves wudn’t as much as munch a bite once darkness had come.  Ay devil the blade wud they let in their gubs!

Home they’d ramp as fast as they cud.  Shure it wus quare altilgither. 

An’ now if ye mention fairies to the wee ones they think ye’re full of whigmaleeries – or mebbe worse. 

God, ay, the times are changed. 

But it’s speyed the fairies will come again. 

But it wus an oul’ harl of bones without gumption or sense who said it, an’ mebbe they’ll niver.’

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