The Changeling 2

Jack told the lady of how he had rescued the baby from the fairies and taken it home to his wife for safekeeping from them.  

He assured her that her baby was alive and well in the townland of Leod and that he would journey there at once and return her baby to her.

True to his word Jack went off and fetched her baby for her. 

‘But what ,’ she asked, ‘Am I to do with this thing in the cradle ?’

Jack told her to take in the graip that would be used for the hay, and to set the changling on its bare backside on the prongs and to carry it towards the fire.

Then she was to call upon the fairies to come and take it out of that, otherwise she’d roast it alive!

The lady did as she was told and just as she was on the point of carrying out her threat, the changeling flew off the graip and away up the chimney with a roar!

Jack then placed the lady’s baby in the cradle and she thanked him very much for the great favour he had done.

She remarked how well her child had been cared for and how well mended he was!


… end …

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