Answers to Deduction Posers

Reasoning 1: Answers


1          D         The two sentences here assume that concentrated study is a sufficient (as well as being a necessary) condition for academic success.


2          D         Try this yourself using an empty cereal packet and a Stanley knife.  Left is a triangular shape.  Eight of these create 24 extra sides to total 36.


3          B          The main conclusion is embedded close to the start of the argument:  that there ought to be a mass vaccination programme.


4          D         It is assumed that the only way spiders can harm people is by biting them (this doesn’t have to be true to be assumed within the argument)


5          C         The first line is the main conclusion of the argument – that people who win elections are never the right leaders (again, it doesn’t have to be accepted as truth – merely the main thrust of this argument).


6          D         That one place is unsafe doesn’t make other places safer!  The logical flaw would vanish if the last sentence were to begin..’If it were true..’ rather than.. ‘But as it is clearly untrue..’


7          E          190.  If there are 380 members now, half this number must have brought a new member each at the last AGM.  Indeed the number of new members any year must be equal to the number of existing members turning up for the AGM.


8          A         5.5 hours.  There is one hour each on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Sunday, and one and a half hours on Thursday morning.

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