That 1956 Abbey Class in Full

When we say “in full” we mean, as far as we know!  But YOU know better!!

Please mentally knit the two photos together:  we couldn’t show it as a continuous snap without reducing the size too much!!

Back: L-R:  John Geoghan: Tony Keenan: John Murtagh:  Michael McSherry: Martin Hughes: ?  Teddy McGrath: Tony Fitzpatrick:  ? Burns: Martin Auden: Aidan O’Hare : Martin McCaul: Pat McLoughlin: Michael McAlinden

Middle: L-R: ? Heaney: Martin White: B Curran: Gene Fegan: ? McArdle: Ronnie Mallon: Martin McEvoy: Peter Haughey: Michael Mynes: John Carson: Tony Reilly: Hugh Carroll: Peter Carroll

Front: L-R: Martin Hughes: Michael McLoughlin: Michael Murtagh: John McEvoy: ? Sands: Aidan Quinn: Paddy McGrath: Martin Fearon (still all at sea! See Guestbook:09.01.06):  Joe Devlin: Terry Ruddy

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