Gamble Murder: The grisly remains ..

Her younger daughter Eleanor accompanied Mrs Margaret Gamble and Bob McCullough down to the nearby cross-roads. 

They found Pearl‘s handbag, brush, comb, coat, belt, skirt and pants.

Painfully the items were gathered up and returned to the home while McCullough phoned the police.

It was not until 5 pm that evening that Pearl‘s body was found at the nearby Weir’s Rocks. She was naked, apart from her badly-torn stockings, and her body had been thrown face-downwards in some bushes. Her woollen sweater, white blouse, white underskirt and bra had been thrown on top of her.

Already Robert McGladdery had been taken for questioning to Newry RUC Station about the crime. He had known Pearl since childhood and was known to have attended the same dance the previous evening. Indeed he had danced with Pearl twice. McGladdery put on an enraged act:

‘I wish I could get my hands on the boy who did this.

Then you wouldn’t have to deal with him!’

By the time the 24 year old was allowed to leave the station, the police were fairly certain they had the right man. They had to find evidence against him.

The movements of the parties the previous day had first to be pieced together.

Pearl worked in Foster’s Store in Hill Street in Newry. She was a sales assistant.

She had left home for a dance in the Henry Thompson Memorial Orange Hall in Downshire Road, in the company of two friends, Rae Boyd and Evelyn Gamble – who was a friend but no relation. 

They got there at 10.30 pm.

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