Hatless in Court

More weighty affairs at the Local assizes 50 years ago!

Judge Hanna at Newry Quarter Sessions on Monday again referred to lady witnesses …

entering the witness box bare-headed. After a witness had entered the witness box such, His Honour said it was the duty of solicitors to ensure that their clients were properly attired.

It was, he said, a disgusting habit for witnesses to be borrowing hats from others. This particular witness had borrowed a head-scarf and His Honour pointed out that this did not suffice as a hat.

He may have had more to concern him when the perpetrators of the next quoted incident came up before him!  And this one I remember!!

Several hundred homes in Newry’s West Ward were plunged into darkness late on Friday night when three violent explosions severely damaged transformers at Courtenay Hill, Monaghan Row and John Mitchel Place. The three incidents took place within minutes of each other about the time of 10.06 pm.

The explosions cut off the power to Daisy Hill Hospital where many patients became hysterical.

The explosions also plunged the Savoy Cinema into darkness where the film ‘The James Brothers’ was being shown. It is unknown whether the irony was apparent to the perpetrators.

In the police swoop which followed, six young men were taken into custody but five of them were released late on Saturday night. The sixth man was conveyed to Crumlin Road Prison.



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