Warrenpoint Clerks/Chairmen

Mr Bernard McKernan served as Warrenpoint Town Clerk for all of thirty-two years up until the outbreak of the Great War.

His successor, Mr Vincent Crawford surpassed even this achievement, remaining in office until 1960, a total public service of forty-five years.

Mr P P Higgins was just three years in position, from 1967-1970.

The independent existence of Warrenpoint town as an administrative unit was coming to an end. Mr Gerard Cronin was shared with Newry, until, in 1973, with the formation of Newry & Mourne District Council, Mr P J O’Hagan was appointed as its first Clerk.

Before Warrenpoint had a Town Council it, like other towns throughout Ireland, was administered by Town Commissioners. Chairmen of these Town Commissioners were:

1882-1884 Dr Douglas

1884-1892 Mr M G Francis

1892 (interim) Mr Joseph Mayne

1892-1899 Mr John F Greene

Thereafter the Chairmen of the Town Council, until its absorption into Newry & Mourne Council, were:

1899-1904 Mr John F Greene

1904-1908 Mr James Savage

1908-1909 Mr James Wilson

1909-1911 Mr Joseph Carroll

1911-1913 Mr Edward Pedlow

1913-1920 Mr Patrick O’Neill

1920-1922 Mr M G Shanaghan

1922 Commissioner appointed when Government dissolves Council

1923-1926 Mr T H Caulfield

1926 Mr M Hourican (followed, on death of Hourican by Mr C J Slade)

1927-1929 Mr Edward Byrne

1929-1932 Mr P McMahon

1932-1939 Mr F P Connolly

1939-1946 Mr Edward Caulfield

1946-1952 Mr Michael Fay

1952-1959 Mr Edward Caulfield

1959-1961  Mr Michael Fay

1961-1967 Mr Peter Grant

1967-1972 Mr James McCart

1972 Government dissolves Council: Newry & Mourne Council formed in 1973

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