Wollworths Staff of the 1950s

In the week that the former site of much-loved store Woolworths reopens as two clothes stores, I think it is appropriate to recall some of the Newry people who worked there forty or more years ago!

 Back row l-r: … McKeown, Lilly McAteer, Gladys McCandlis, Phylis O’Callaghan, May O’Hare, Bridie McSherry, Gemma Magill …., Margaret Barry, Mary Hughes, Una Mathers, Rosaleen Murphy, Rosaleen Murphy, Molly McComisky

Second from back l-r:   Bertie Hughes, Lyla Hughes, Astrid Hillen, …, …, Patsy …, Betty McKimley, …, Teresa McParland, Shelia Murkin, Ursula McEvoy

Third from back l-r: …, Marie McGuigan, Bernadette O’Hanlon, Marion Loye, Kathleen Mooney, Kathleen Delahunt, …, Mavis McKeown, …

Front row l-r: Ella Cassen, Mrs Harvey, May McCann, Mr and Mrs McCorkle, Kathleen Hanna, Nan McParland, …, …McCreesh, Kathleen McCourt

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