The Yakee Dock

Here’s one for the quiz enthusiasts!  Where was Newry’s Yakee Dock?

This dry dock for ship and boat repair was located on the canal between Dublin and Ballybot Bridges.  It was between the waters.  Indeed its sluice emptied into the ‘tide’  (Clanrye River) via large egress pipes, the remnants of which can still be viewed if you look southwards over the Ballybot Bridge there!

The stricken vessel (or one merely in need of repair) was manoeuvred via ‘lock gates’ into the water-filled dock.  When the water was emptied, the boat/ship came to rest on the spiny structure (tressle) designed to hold it in place while work was being done.  Then the pipes’ valves were closed, the dock was refilled from the canal and the boat/ship re-entered the canal. 
It was operational within living memory.
Why Yakee Dock?  Maybe you can help us with that one!!

Another one for the quiz aficionados!  When did the canal develop a leak, and its water drain away?  You’ll have to wait for the answer to that one!!

I am informed by James McKevitt that the proper name of the Yakee Dock was the Anchor Dock.  Thank you.  All contributions/corrections most welcome!

.. Retriever/Connemara disaster 1916 ? …

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