400th anniversary of Flight/Earls

It is fitting that in the 400th anniversary year of the Flight of the Earls, Newry’s own Dr John McCavitt should launch an illustrated History of the event and times. John, originally of Derrybeg Estate …

... is one of the foremost historians of all these islands.

Remember too, he cautions me that, The Countess of Tyrone who fled with the earl was a ‘Newry’ woman, the daughter of the Lord of Iveagh.

We have our own place in history!

Anyway, John emailed me as follows …

‘My new illustrated history of the Flight of the Earls is being launched at the National Museum in Dublin on 4th of Sept. at 6.00pm. Any one interested in attending, please contact me at johnmccavitt.hotmail.com’ 

and supplied the following press release for the perusal of Newry Journal readers ………….

The Flight of the Earls, an illustrated history by Dr John McCavitt,  FRHistS

This is the first fully illustrated book about one of the most colourful and defining moments in Irish history.  The publication features a wide range of contemporary images, photographs of the surviving built heritage and modern art. Among the highlights is a rare portrait of Owen Roe O'Neill (published courtesy of the chief of the Clandeboy O'Neills, Don Hugo O'Neill from Portugal).  Frescos from St.Isidore's, Rome, the home of Irish Franciscans since 1625, include a representation of the arms of the ancient 'five' provinces of Ireland, including 'royal' Meath but excluding the Red Hand of Ulster.  Among the modern art exhibits is an original double page colour spread impression of the earls' arrival in France drawn by Se

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