More Down Dates

1245  The walls of Downpatrick Cathedral tumbled down in an earthquake, as did parts of the Abbey walls

1315 Edward Bruce’s disastrous invasion and campaign

1343 The castle at Greencastle, built by Walter de Burgh, Earl of Ulster, was destroyed by the Irish. Soon after it was rebuilt on a grander scale. This lasted until it was ordered to be dismantled by Cromwell in the 17th century

1439 Pope Paul II transfers possession of Bangor Abbey from the Canons Regular to the Franciscans who held it until the Dissolution (mid 16th century)

1442 The Sees of Down and Connor were first united: first incumbent named John – as with present day!

1480 A second castle was built at Newry – it would later be demolished by Shane O’Neil who at the time, held a strong castle at Fathom

1517 The Lord Deputy the Earl of Kildare removed the Irish by force from Dundrum Castle. This was again taken from the Magennisses a generation (1538) later – only to be retaken again by Phelim Magennis – who eventually yielded it to Mountjoy in 1601

1550 Bagenal given Newry Monastery and lands

……  more Down dates to come …………..

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