Magennis Grave, Clonduff

The gravestone pictured below has the Magennis coat-of-arms and other inscriptions carved (though now badly-weathered) upon it.  The seventeenth century repression following the 1641 insurrection saw the suppression of the branch of the locally ruling Magennis sept and the confiscation of lands.  Some Magennisses made their peace with the English in order to retain some possessions and a position of influence. 

It was never anything but a short-term policy on the part of the occupiers and by the end of the century less than 10% of all Irish land was in Irish hands.

There was a short shower of rain just before your editor took the photograph.  You may (or may not!) agree with me that a grotesque facial image (with some dribbling from the mouth and a tear shed from the right eye!) is here apparant – and perhaps appropriate.

Perhaps someone retains a rubbing from the gravestone before it became some badly weathered.  I would cherish the image if it could be forwarded to the Newry Journal!

… Dr William Drennan …

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