Travelling Clinic

The public is respectfully informed that the renowned Doctor Taylor from Manchester, universally known as the water-doctor  ………

…. who has performed innumerable cures in this vicinity as well as nationwide, some of them hailed as ‘miracle cures’, will be attending clinics throughout the month of November in the City of Newry in a number of locations yet to be announced.

This advanced notice is by way of early information only. The illustrious doctor has proved remarkably successful in the early diagnosis of many debilitating and indeed terminal diseases simply by analysing patients’ early morning urine. 

Each prospective patient is encouraged to bring such a sample with them.

Doctor Taylor will set up an a preliminary clinic in Francis Street in early October, where he will make himself available from 10.00 am each Saturday morning of the month for the clinical but requisite  ‘taking of the p**s’. 

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