Tossed out of the Independent Club

In the Independent Club many years ago, the playing of cards in the Band Room was a common occurrence.  This took place on most nights but Sunday afternoon and evening was the best time for the game of cards – whether it was rummy, poker or pontoon.


However there were times when some people got bored with cards and a game of Pitch and Toss ensued.  Now it was against the rules of the club to have this game played – for it was primarily a gambling game.

The players had to be careful when the halfpennies landed, for the sound would re-echo in the room below.   Someone was designated to stamp his foot as the coins hit the floor. It was hoped that this would deaden the sound so that the caretaker, who was usually in the bar situated under the band room, could not guess what was going on.

On this particular Sunday afternoon ‘the toss’ was well attended and everything was going to plan.   Two gentlemen from Dromalane had the halfpennies and had their last

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