The Craic: Mark McCrum

Well yes, I do know! Never, ever judge the book by the cover!

This time I failed miserably. I was tempted and succumbed.

Seduced by the all too vivid illustrations: road signs pointing to Newry, Dundalk and Armagh. What more was needed for this one whose fate has been to live away from her beloved Newry?

With selective vision, I concentrated on those road signs and completely ignored the pony and trap, King Puck and the statue of The Virgin Mary! All the trappings of that part of Ireland south of the border. And yes, it is quite clearly stated on the cover that this is “A journey through Ireland“.

If I took any notice at all of this is seriously questionable. I suppose having noted that Mark McCrum’s forebears were all from somewhere near to Crossmaglen, I convinced myself that he would have a quick jaunt around the South and concentrate on finding his roots in the North.

So, I happily paid my

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