Voices & Sound of Drums

We finally met Peter Shea, son of the author of this book.  With his wife Lynn, Peter – who hails from Adelaide, Australia now, though born in Belfast – is on a 10 day tour of Europe (Yes!  Europe, no less) and called with your editor in an attempt to find his father’s grave in St Mary’s – and to get a quick look-round Newry.

Newry, it seems, warranted an hour of their busy schedule!!

What could I do?  I invited them to visit St Mary’s with me in my car.  As you can see we found the last burial place of his father, and of his uncle Jack (Laughing Policeman) Shea and Dorothy, who once taught your editor!

We ‘took a wrong turn’ on leaving and ended up in Warrenpoint (Narrow Water Castle visited) and Rostrevor.  Met some friends.. chatted.. got to know one another.. visited my sister’s home with the glorious view.. had coffee.

The cheek of some people thinking they can ‘do’ South Down/South Armagh in an hour.

So they’re two hours late arriving in Belfast!!  My heart bleeds….

Seriously, I know they were impressed.  How could they not be???

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