Casting Director

In praise of Newpoint’s Casting Director
A shadowy figure, but a wily inspector
He cast Benny McKay as a chance passer-by
Once again Benny just – passed his chance by.

In his place, Donal O’Hanlon, who is close to the gods
Romped the stage asking – ‘Have you got any odds?’
Laurie Hodgett had the part of a rising tycoon,
And word on the street is, he’s getting there soon!

In Sean Hollywood’s time – speak no ill of the dead
For he was our master, when all’s done and said
In Animal Farm, Eileen played a great cow
You’d an edge to your laughter.  Didn’t you now?

Ann Frank, Geraldine Fitzpatrick, matriarchal Aristocrat
Actress supreme, true thespian sophisticat
Had Treasa Davey as pretty and sweet-talking daughter
We’d all like to have one.  If you don’t, then you ought a!

Mark Hughes, who’s our Council’s artistic carbuncle
No! The gem, not the boil, played her potty old uncle
And Sean Treanor, a bowed and decrepit old serf
As if things were different. Hey, don’t make me laugh!

To play Charlotta Ivanovna, he cast Pauline Lynch
To be honest however, that part was a cinch
The performance, all told, was an unbridled joy
Thanks to new team director, young Patricia McCoy.

Apologies to those whose names don’t appear
I’ve done my own bit of casting, but never you fear!
If you escaped me this time, there’s one thing that’s clear
I’ll be waiting right here for you, this time next year!

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