Lislea: A Quiet Moment

My friend and colleague Michael McNamee was kind enough to supply the following review of Sunday night’s performance by Ardagh Drama Group of Limerick.

Lislea Drama Festival’s Sunday 1st March Performance.


This play – The Quiet Moment by Mike Finn –  is about a family get together in an old people’s home, where the father resides. He has Altzimer’s Disease.


The first half was like “Waiting for Godot” but without the excitement.


The second half was like “Waiting for Godot”.


You kept waiting for something to happen but it never does.


Probably the high point of the evening was watching the Adjudicator’s Adjudication.


It was like watching someone with Altzimer’s. John McArdle of Castleblayney seemed quite demented, and only I knew he was the Adjudicator, I would have suspected he actually had Altzimer’s. This performance was quite unrelated to the scenes in the play. It was just his mannerisms on stage.


I have to say none of this is a reflection on the acting performances which were excellent.


I make particular mention of the actor who played “Michael”, a patient with advanced Altzimer’s. His general tics and facial expressions certainly position him for best supporting actor.

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