Lilslea Drama Festival 2007

The 26th Lislea Drama Festival will run from Saturday 24th February to Sunday 11th March, with eight productions, all of them staged on weekend evenings (curtain up: 8.30, except final night 7.30): with the exception of one on Wednesday 28th February which sees the staging of Kilrush Drama Group’s Antigone by Jean Anouilh.   I feature it first for this is one I will not miss!!

Antigone, an adaptation of Sophocles’s classic produced in the context of the anti-fascist French resistance, is Anouilh’s most often-produced work today. Antigone premiered in Paris in 1944, but Anouilh had written his tale of lone rebellion against the state two years earlier, inspired by an act of resistance during Paris’s occupation by the Nazis. In August 1942, a young man named Paul Collette fired at and wounded a group of directors during a meeting of the collaborationist

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