Newry Film Club: Secret in their Eyes

We have just returned from Newry Film Club’s April offering, the Academy Award winning ‘The Secret in their Eyes’. 

I have to say that I am wowed! Both by this film and the Club.

This despite the fact that I am not, and never have been a strong film fan. 

And despite the fact that all four films we have attended this year have been foreign language, with sub-titles!

We put ourselves in the hands of Declan, Kate and however else might be responsible for selection and they come up trumps every time. 

The four we have seen were : Sampson and Delilah, about life on the fringe in desert Australia: tonight’s, a thriller and an (unrequited) love story, and a fable on retribution: and the two ‘Girl’ films, ‘dragon tattoo’ and ‘played with fire’. All were taut psychological studies and totally absorbing. More memorable that any film I’ve seen on the big screen.

Five minutes in and you no longer realise you are reading sub-titles.

Plaudits all around.

We will definitely become members of Newry Film Club next season.

So should you!


PS In two week’s time (Wednesday 5 May at Newry Arts Centre 8.00 pm) we will have ‘The White Ribbon’ a superb and disturbing psychological film of pre-war Germany, not to be missed.

See you there.

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